AVA Platform Roadmap

April 2020

Public Test Network
(Phase 1/2)

The Cascade public test network will enable everyone to join the staking pool and practice staking on the platform prior to mainnet launch.

AVA Client

The AVA client in Go

AVA Wallet

A wallet that can hold multiple AVA-native assets

AVA Faucet

A faucet for receiving testnet tokens


A shell environment for launching local networks


A JS library for building applications on AVA

Avalanche-X Grants

Catch errors, build bridges, write documentation, create educational content.

On our Avalanche-X, developers have access to the best of Ava Labs – our community, resources, and grant programs – to ensure they can maximize the impact of their applications.

June 2020

Denali Test Network

The Denali test network is the last round of testing before launching the Avalanche mainnet. Denali will feature many new components, tools, and libraries for developers.

August 2020

Everest Test Network

The Everest test network is a fully-featured version of the Avalanche network that will act as the final phase of testing before the launch of Avalanche’s mainnet.

September 21, 2020

Main Network

Here are some upcoming enhancements planned for mainnet launch:

Transaction Fees

Fees are essential for incentivizing validators and for DDoS protection across all blockchains. Avalanche makes it possible for validators to extract their own customized fees.

Custom Validators

Validators can leverage their own incentivization scheme and opt-out of subnets that they are not interested in validating.

Asset Registry

Subnets manage their own assets, which enables Avalanche users to easily discover assets on the network.


Avalanche takes a functional approach to sharding, where assets with independent use cases are validated by their own participants in something called "subnets."


Non-fungible tokens are awesome. We will have full support and a registry for discovering NFT asset classes.

Atomic Commitment

Avalanche's subnets use the same underlying protocol for consensus on their transactions enabling atomic commitments–where a set changes can be applied as a single operation.

Expanded Governance

Avalanche enables stakeholders to determine key economic parameters of the system, such as the minimum staking amount and reward rate.


Avalanche gains its performance advantages due to its underlying Avalanche consensus protocol, which can be made even faster.

Post Mainnet

See some of the features that will be available after Mainnet launch:

Post Quantum VM


Database Upgrades

Avalanche Network Monitoring

VM Sandboxing

Avalanche Explorer

Frosty Consensus

Privacy VM

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