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What Is AVA?

AVA is a powerful new platform for new assets, markets and decentralized applications that aims to tackle some of the toughest problems in the financial ecosystem and decentralized ledger platforms today.

AVA is highly performant, scalable, customizable, and modular. It is highly suited for creating, discovering, and trading digital assets frictionlessly. It offers fully customizable marketplaces for deploying and exchanging assets in a secure and compliant manner.

End result: a ground breaking fabric for finance, which bridges permissioned (private) and permissionless (public) chains into one interoperable framework, enabling more efficient and liquid markets, unstoppable and composable decentralized applications, and new economic primitives.


​Finance is outdated. It is time to fundamentally change how we create & trade assets, transact with each other, and deploy new financial primitives. It is time to to re-imagine global financial markets through the 21st century.

AVA is re-imagining how we represent ownership of assets, deploy capital, and trade.


AVA features two key innovations: a radically performant DLT (blockchain) engine to power applications at VISA level performance, and a flexible platform architecture to meet the feature set needs of any applications, private or public.

Ethereum. Bitcoin. Bonds. Insurance. Permissioned and permissionless. Any asset and chain that you can imagine can run on AVA.


A Powerful Engine for Global, Real-Time Demand

The AVA platform features a powerful set of technologies that allow one to exchange at blazing speeds and in a highly secure way.

Powering the AVA platform is the Avalanche consensus protocol, which represents a technical breakthrough, and enjoys the following properties:

High security (decentralization through thousands of nodes)
Performance (thousands of transactions per second)
Low confirmation times/latencies (1-2 seconds of finality)
Robustness (suited for open, permissionless settings)


Flexible, Customizable Architecture ////

One can deploy custom-made subnetworks (e.g. new chains and markets) within AVA that follow special covenants.

Developers will be able to wholesale move existing decentralized applications, as well as build new types of highly expressive assets that run intelligently and obey special rules.

The platform includes, but is not limited to, magical features such as reactive smart assets that observe network changes, subnetworks that obey specific rules, covenants and riders, and composable (micro)services that augment financial services to whole new levels.

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