So Much to Build.
So Little Time.

) Deploy smart contracts at blazing speeds
) Find new sources of capital
) Deploy and trade previously illiquid assets

And much more.
Explore some of use cases below.


A Platform of Platforms.

The First Blockchain to Bridge Permissionless (Public)and Permissioned (Private) Chains in One Network.

Deploy Blazingly Fast & Highly Secure Decentralized Applications

Deploy new or existing blockchains directly on the AVA platform to leverage the performance and security properties of the AVA engine.

Suppose you want to deploy smart contracts with specific rules and privacy requirements. Here's how you can launch using a set of five customization knobs.

As a demo of the power of AVA, see Athereum, a "spoon" of the Ethereum network.


01. Do you want to use an existing network?

You can choose to launch a completely new subnet, or just use an existing one.

02. Do you want to use an
existing virtual machine

Select from existing virtual machines in the plugin store (e.g. EVM, WASM, BTC Script, etc.), or you can choose to build your own.

03. Do you want to import any additional functionality?

Select additional functionality that you may want to import (e.g. Zero Knowledge Proofs).

04. Select set of validators.

Select set of validators (by defining them yourself), or make it open membership, where everyone can bid to become a validator.

05. Do you want smart contracts?

Deploy a linear chain if you require smart contracts, or just use a DAG instead for value transfers.


An Internet of Assets.

Digitizing Assets and
Increasing Liquidity

Often times assets sit on balance sheets for long periods of time, unable to find liquidity and reach. Furthermore, many types of assets are simply not traded in efficient markets, and have to rely on archaic forms of clearance. Examples include bonds, real estate, and many more.

Digitize and deploy assets on a new or existing market that trades these types of assets. Unlike other chains, such as Ethereum, digitization of assets on AVA can obey special covenants, making it highly suitable for legal compliance.

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